Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the studio?
The studio is 50 metres from St Mary’s Church in Old Square, Warwick.
There is plenty of car parking close by in Northgate Street and Old Square and a wide selection of restaurants and shops should you wish to explore the town.

Can you arrange collection and delivery?
These can be easily arranged.

A professional Art Handler is available to deal with moving and rehanging larger items.

How long will restoration take?
Delivery time is dependent on the complexity of the restoration work involved in repairing the painting.

Is my art insured during the restoration?
FosterStudio uses a group insurance policy organised by the Institute of Conservation (ICON) which includes professional negligence cover, theft, fire and other risks.

What Problems can be repaired?
Tears, punctures and holes, sagging canvas, bulges and dents, split canvas edges.

Splits, warps and cracks in wood. Insect damage (e.g. wood worm).

Cracked, loose or flaking paint, lost paint, fading.

Discoloured varnish, dirt and dust, whitening mould or mildew on the surface and disintegrating

And many others.

Can I get an estimate over the telephone by email?
Approximate figures can be given, but a full physical examination is necessary to provide an accurate cost.

Will I need to leave a deposit?
A deposit is normally required when the commission is confirmed.
On completion of restoration, you will be informed that your painting is ready for viewing and collection.

What should I do if a painting or frame is damaged?
Save any pieces that have fallen off, however small. Keep them safely in a bag or envelopeas they can often be replaced.

Do not attempt any repair or cleaning yourself. This is a skilled process and should only be carried out by a conservator.