Hi again Simon

At the risk of sounding like a real bore………thanks for the excellent work on my little painting. It takes me by surprise each time I walk past it. Knowing that the back is sealed and that the slip frame is held in by more than panel pins also adds to the pleasure. Vibrant colours and visible details. I know you’ll have heard it all before but the difference is wonderful. I’m looking forward to the next one.

Best regards and thanks again.


From:     Malcolm Stiles
Sent:      08 September 2010 19:24
To:         simon@fosterstudio.co.uk
Subject: George Clare Painting

Simon, just short note to thank you again for the work you carried out on the Gorge Clare painting. I have now hung the painting and I am extreemly happy with it. I feel you turned a rarther sad loking e bay puchase into a very presentable painting.

Thanking you again

Best Regards Malcolm Stiles

Dear Mr Foster

Ref 03 821A

I have just collected the Whitehead watercolour which you recently cleaned and retouched. I am very pleased with the result and am most grateful to you.

If you have any idea what the picture might be worth, I.should be very interested to know.


Many, many thanks for these, and even more for restoring my grandparents’ portraits so brilliantly.

You may be interested in the attached photograph of them 35 years later at my parents’ wedding in 1951.

Charles Byford